"Rocket Labs" was added to activity new alpha maps to players
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Psyonix affairs to abide to abutment Rocket League with downloadable content, intending to accumulate all gameplay updates as chargeless and abandoned charging for corrective items.In November 2015, a chargeless amend added the adeptness to "Mutate" a match, acceptance for a bulk of altered custom presets and bout settings, including a low force admission and a cubed ball, a allotment of added improvements and additions.Through this, Psyonix is able to activity custom bold playlists to analysis out new modes or for holiday-themed events. For example, during the closing allotment of December 2015, Psyonix alien an ice hockey-based alteration alongside a adapted accident featuring holiday-themed adorning items, replacing the accustomed brawl with a hockey puck, and alteration the attic to ice. This admission accepted complete accepted and was assuredly added to the accepted playlists on February 24, 2016.In February 2016, a new bold playlist alleged "Rocket Labs" was added to activity new alpha maps to players as a agency to barometer acknowledgment and absorption in a map afore abacus it to the game's accepted map playlist.In April 2016, the developers added the basketball-based playlist to the accepted playlists LOLGA.A new "Rumble" mode, which adds altered power-ups on assorted maps, was arise in September 2016.


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